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Dynamite on Tour

Dynamite on Tour was founded in September 2016. Since that time I have been walking and looking after more than 70 dogs of various breeds.
All pet care services can be tailored to your dog´s needs. I am happy to give discuss all of my services to find out what works best for you and your pet.


If you have any questions please contact me for further details.

My dogs

Käthe – the Whippet

Picture of KätheKäthe was born in 2015. She is an experienced home boarder and group walker and helps to keep everyone under control. She is always up for a good run. Timid dogs seem to feel much more comfortable when she is around.


Maggie – the Whippet

Picture of Maggie

Maggie is our youngster. She was born in December 2016 and is a rather calm character. She loves the company of other dogs almost as much as she loves treats. She loves to run around with other dogs and has great social skills.



Picture of RebeccaI moved to Loughborough in May 2016 and knew from the beginning that I wanted to build a little business here. I have a Bachelor degree in psychology that is useful in understanding dogs behaviour in different social situations and how to deal with it properly as well as analysing and handling group dynamics.
I walked my first dog when I was about 12 years old. It was an Afghan Hound from the neighbourhood. Since that time I continued caring for other people´s dogs and pets.


I am always eager to extend my knowledge. That is why I did a CATS AND DOGS FIRST AID COURSE and finished a DOG WALKING DIPLOMA COURSE.
Short summary

Dynamite on Tour | Dog Walking - Pet Care - Training: Dog walker and pet sitter in Loughborough and Shepshed. I provide professional services like dog walks, doggy day care and pet sitting or home visits.