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Dog Walks

If you are interested to book a dog walk for your pooch you can choose between a solo and a group walk. Both walks are available as a short (30 minutes) or long (60 minutes) version.

I am very happy to discuss the walks with you to make sure you choose the right option for you and your doggy friend. Below are some general thoughts about solo and group walks.

Solo Dog Walk* (½h   ⁄   1h):£9  ⁄  £15
Group Dog Walk* (½h   ⁄   1h):£7  ⁄  £9

*Additional dog of the same household: £5


Why choose a SOLO walk for your dog?

Obviously solo walks can be the right choice for your dog if it doesn´t enjoy the company of other dogs. Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs or are extremely anxious when another dog is around should consider a solo walk rather than a group walk.

On a solo walk I am completely focused on your dog. That means we can also work on any behavioral issues or do other training. When dogs are very young they should be exposed to different places, noises and experiences. I can walk your dog through the middle of the town centre and make it a fun experience or we can go near a playground to watch children playing. I can also work on things that worry your dog while on a dog walk and expose it carefully to different situations. I will also be able to work on a recall or teach your dog something else. This will all help you with your own training, but doesn´t substitute the training!


Why choose a GROUP dog walk?

Group dog walkingAll dogs attending a group dog walk must be dog friendly. That doesn´t mean your dog is excluded when previously barked at another dog or gone a bit wild during play. But if your dog is an adult it should have developed a basic set of social skills.

If your dog is in puppy age it will start to develop social skills during the walk. The group walks help to teach your puppy what kind of behavior is appropriate while socialising with another doggy friend.

During a group dog walk your pooch will be able to run, socialise or play with another furry fellow.

I usually limit my dog walking groups to a maximum of 4-5 dogs at a time. An exception might be made when there are more than two dogs from the same household. Often you will see dog walkers with bigger dog groups than mine. For a lot of dogs it is much more convinient to be part of a rather small group when they don´t know each other very well. In a small group like this I am also able to consider your dogs individual needs and requirements and make sure everyone is under good control at all times.

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